P.O. Box 398658 Dallas, TX 75339-8658
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Ella Rollins

Mrs. Rollins is owner and director of Contessa Rol’ Beauty College, which has operated in Dallas, Texas, since 1986. Contessa Rol’ is located in the Glendale Plaza Shopping Center. Mrs. Rollins lived a few doors away from Maurine F. Bailey. She was a close neighbor and a dear friend for more than 40 years. With a solid academic and professional background in beauty and hair care, Mrs. Rollins has based her institution’s growth on its diverse multi-cultural curriculum and educational foundation.

Ella taught for 20 years in the Dallas Independent School District

Mrs. Rollins gives generously of her means as well as her time to community and religious service. she is the recipient of many service awards. Mrs. Rollins is well known and respected in the community for her honesty and business experience in the Dallas community.

Mrs Rollins earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tennessee State Christian University and a Masters Degree in Business Education from A&M University. Additionally, Mrs. Rollins has studied Supervision & Management and Management Humanities at the doctoral level.

Mrs. Rollins is affiliated with several community organizations including the YWCA and the NAACP.